Born in 2006, AdMaster is a benchmark in the field of data technology in the Chinese market as well as a trusted partner for companies.

As a technology-innovative company, AdMaster has two R&D centers, 50% of which are R&D staffs and 42% are data analysts. In terms of technology and product innovation, AdMaster has always been in the industry leader, having a number of digital marketing related patents and software copyrights. AdMaster has also participated in the drafting of a number of industry national standards, and has jointly established the NLP laboratory with Nanjing University.

AdMaster is the first in China to promote social data tagging, regularization, and AI. It is the first to apply NLP, image and video recognition, knowledge graph and other technologies to social and insight solutions. In order to promote the real-time, automated and intelligent process of social and insight analysis in China, AdMaster has established a laboratory dedicated to cutting-edge technologies such as knowledge engineering, deep learning, and information retrieval. It has invested a lot in data cleaning, knowledge extraction, and knowledge fusion. Through the full analysis file and super research module of AdMaster's Scopa system, AdMaster can update iteration of industry knowledge base research and reasoning.

Core Team

  • Stanford Shi

    Senior R&D Director, AdMaster

    Stanford Shi is Senior R&D Director of AdMaster. He is in charge of the architecture, R&D, and management of AdMaster’s Social BI System, SEI, and CSI systems among others.

    Stanford has years of experience in data technology R&D and is one of China’s experts in enterprise-level system architecture, SaaS product development, big data processing, distributed architecture, and natural language processing. His career at AdMaster started in 2014 when he joined on as R&D Director. He developed many lauded data products, including AdMaster’s e-commerce data analysis system, event operations and data analysis system, tag management system, and Social BI.

    Stanford’s extensive experience in enterprise-level system architecture and SaaS system R&D includes his previous work at Neusoft, where he was in charge of R&D for value-added systems for telecom operators. He was also the R&D lead for an MBO system at SAP company.

    Stanford has a master’s degree in computer science from University of Wollongong, Australia, where he focused on e-commerce fraud detection for his graduate work and intensively studied online sales and AI.

  • Shanwen Jiang

    AdMaster Architect

    AdMaster Architect Shanwen Jiang is in charge of architecture for deep-level AdMaster Social & Insight Analytics data products. Shanwen has years of experience in big data development, particularly the construction and management of distributed and high concurrency architecture.

    Before joining AdMaster in 2012, Shanwen worked in R&D at a video game distribution company, where he developed network device monitoring and traffic analysis products. At AdMaster, Shanwen developed SocialMaster, an industry-leading social solution, and Jice, a platform for attribution analysis, user management, and WeChat mini program stats and analytics. He also managed AdMaster’s HBase cluster, ensuring the stability of AdMaster’s deep-level data platforms and the safety of social data collection, transfer, storage, use, and management. Shanwen laid the groundwork for fully integrating AI into social and insight analytics.

    Shanwen received a B.E. in computer science from Hunan Normal University in 2007.

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