AdMaster KOL evaluation and selection system

Provides brands with the optimal combination of KOLs

AdMaster offers the foremost KOL evaluation and selection system in China. Based on KOL quality and past campaign data, it creates a complete KOL marketing cycle through pretest, selection, management, posttest, and measurement/optimization and provides brands with the optimal combination of KOLs.

AdMaster's KOL selection system covers mainstream social media platforms (including Sina Weibo, WeChat, Xiaohongshu, TikTok/Douyin, Bilibili, Babytree, and Zhihu) as well as numerous livestreaming platforms. With highest-level Weibo API permissions, it can monitor tens of millions of real accounts on Weibo and WeChat. It provides multidimensional industry baselines, authentically evaluates KOL effectiveness, directly presents KOL benefit-cost ratios, and scientifically evaluates KOL commercial value. As a result, brands are more empowered in price negotiations and can reduce campaign costs.

Using leading knowledge graph system architectures, AdMaster can thoroughly mine massive amounts of online data, construct knowledge graphs around persons and content, and intelligently filter low-quality, fraudulently inflated engagement content, showing the real picture of KOL effectiveness.

Why choose AdMaster's KOL selection system?

core features

  •     Powerful AI-based
      selection of optimal
    KOL combinations
  •         Accurately predict campaign
          effectiveness using
    media databases
      with over
    100 million
    pieces of data
  •         Maximize social marketing
          effectiveness though a
        complete cycle from
      selection to
  •     Multidimensional industry
      baselines present KOL
    benefit-cost ratio
  •     Robust data foundation
      with highest-level Weibo
    API permissions
  •     The choice of A-list
    for scientific
AdMaster's KOL selection system
selection-evaluation cycle