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根据 AdMaster 2015双11消费者行为调研,你应该早就开始准备加入双11买买买的大战中了!今年中国消费者平均提早14天开始准备双11购物清单,有84%消费者预计参加双11购物狂欢节,参与率是历年最高;不仅如此,消费者对双11的购物预算较去年显着增加,且价格战已不是唯一的制胜点。移动端购物趋势愈发明显。有六成消费者关注京东,为阿里巴巴带来压力。

节后,AdMaster 将针对消费者实际行为,推出《2015年双11消费者行为研究报告》,请大家持续关注AdMaster 官方微信。
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Haitao vs. Singles' Day: Shopping Without Borders

As international payment systems become more advanced, Chinese consumers are increasingly taking part in online sales events in other countries, such as Black Friday in the U.S. So how common is cross-border online shopping (aka"haitao") in ChinaRead More>

AdMaster and Alibaba Jointly Develop A New Marketing Ecosystem

AdMaster, a leading marketing data technology company in China, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Alibaba recently. The partnership represents Alimama’s (a business unit of Alibaba Group managing its core business data) big step-forward in developing a new brand marketing ecosystem with third-party collaboration.Read More>

Advertisers in China Would Increase Their Digital Marketing Budget by 17%, AdMaster Highlighted 9 Things Marketers Should Know in 2017

According to the latest mobile survey from AdMaster in December, China’s leading marketing data technology firm, advertisers in China said they plan to increase their digital marketing expenditure by 17% in average, while 59% of the respondents said they would increase the spending by more than 10%, even though China’s GDP growth in 2017 might turn in the lowest in the last 27 years.Read More>

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